Our renters

The Rhythmic Arts Center is home to a diverse group of local artists, musicians, and business people. Our goal is to actively support and engage local talent to inspire and grow our community through music, dance, and the performing arts.  We encourage you to support our renters and learn about what they have to offer.

Crescent City Swing

Focusing on traditional jazz dances such as Lindy Hop and Charleston, Crescent City Swing teaches people to dance to live, local music in New Orleans. Classes are offered four days a week, and the Crescent City Swing staff is available for introductory lessons, private lessons, wedding classes, special events, and more. Contact Crescent City Swing at contact@crescentcityswing.com.

Chosen Vessels Dance

The Chosen Vessels focus on technical dance training and performance. Students will become skilled in techniques that will ultimately aid in the development of their individuality. In addition to imparting within your dancer the expertise that is necessary to captivate their audience, The Chosen Vessels seek to mentor youth through empowering students with self-control, team work, accountability and much more.

The New Orleans Chorus Girl Project

The Chorus Girls are a vintage dance project offering dance classes, original and classic choreography, performances around town, social events, and more! Live out your dancing girl fantasies with The Chorus Girl Project! Become a NOLA Chorus Girl! New Orleans women of all ages and ability levels welcome to participate! Beginners to dancing and performing welcome!

Belly Dance with Kerry Lynn

Kerry Lynn is a lifelong dancer and professional belly dancer, currently based out of New Orleans, LA. She has spent the last half of her life submerged in the studies and performance of its variations such as Classical Arabic/Egyptian Cabaret, American Vintage Belly Dance, and Eastern European folkloric. This class focuses on basic belly dance language, drilling movements, and put together fun dance combos to take home and practice.

Girl Twirl & Dance

Girl Twirl offers baton twirling, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and much more! Visit Girl Twirl for more information and to fill out an interest form.

Tap with Bobby Bonsey

Learn introductory tap dance with one of the best tap instructors in town, Bobby Bonsey. Bobby specializes in tap, traditional jazz dances, and more.